Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saint Mary in village Slivnica - Slivnica Monastery

Saint Mary in village Slivnica - Slivnica Monastery
Slivnica Monastery - St. Mary (Сливнички Манастир - Св. Богородица село Сливница) is located 3 km from the village of Slivnica, in the thick deciduous forest on the western slope of the mountain Baba, high above the eastern shore of the Prespa Lake.
Erected in 1607, the monastery was built in three phases from 1607, 1612 and 1645. From that period also originate the frescoes in the temple, and the wooden iconostasis with the throne icons, the royal gate and the large cross.
Within the monastery there are hospices used by the inhabitants of Prespa. Built in the late XVII century, the hospices were twice were burned, and their renovation started in 1994. Today they are used by all well-meaning visitors who enjoy the beauty of Baba Mountain.