Saturday, February 27, 2016

Toshe Proeski Memorial Museum in Krusevo

Toshe Proeski Memorial Museum in Krusevo
The Memorial House of Macedonia's musical legend Tose Proeski is located In Gumenje (Гумење) area in Krusevo.
Tose Proeski (Тоше Проески) tragically died in a car accident on Oct 16 2007.
The museum is spread on an area of 870 square meters and is in the form of a cross. It is built of concrete and glass, projected by the architects Dejan Sekulovski and Dejan Spasenovski, in collaboration with Ilija Bozinovski.
Monumental in size, equivalent to the work of Tose Proeski, the Memorial museum is an allusion to his life philosophy. The overall composition and environment of the memorial house with its materialization expresses the personality of Tose Proeski and the works that He has left behind: the cross as a symbol of his sincere belief in God, the strength, simplicity and longevity of concrete as a symbol of his character and work, glass as a symbol of human transience and vulnerability and water will be part of the landscape architecture of the project as a symbol of purity and life that radiated Tose Proeski.