Monday, March 14, 2016

Church Saint Dimitrij in village Gradeshnica Mariovo

Church Saint Dimitrij in village Gradeshnica Mariovo
Church Saint Dimitrij (Св. Димитриј) is located at the entrance of village Gradeshnica (Mariovo region) in the Municipality of Novaci, 52 km from Bitola.
The Church Sv. Dimitrie is a single-nave building, half round arched. Judging from the preserved columns with decorated capitals probably they originate from older church. It is known that village Gradeshnica was inhabited from early times, and it has a particularly rich Christian tradition. Proof of this is the church St. Andonija in the upper end of the village, remains of which still exist today, which was actually an old Roman villa, and in IV, V century AD was adapted into a church.
Otherwise, the church St. Dimitrie is built of well formed stone and particularly specific is the stone altar – the iconostasis, which has a wall thickness, and in which in fresco decoration are handed the portraits of Jesus Christ, Mother of God, St. Demetrius and St. Nikola.
In the nave, on the south side is the holy composition of St. Archangel Michael; in the second zone: St. John, St. Clement, St. Anna and others. In the third zone are: Lazarus Resurrection, Birth and Baptism of Christ. On the west side is the composition of Virgin Mary.
Preserved fresco paintings depicting the nave and the iconostasis are different from that in the apse. Judging by the treatment and stylistic characteristics of this painting, it probably belongs to the fourteenth century.
However, the painting in the apse, points to painting works of the fifteenth century.
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